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What should Microsoft do with podcasting/wikis/blogs/videoblogs?

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    CypherXero wrote:

    I'd like to see Microsoft compete against 102,000+ OPEN SOURCE (read: FREE) projects at

    They do need to compete - but let's be serious and count only the production ready and actively maintained products on 90% of the stuff feels abandoned.

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    I hate this sort of thing really.  Saying "what should Microsoft do with...loadsoftechnologies" is basically the wrong way round of thinking about it.  It should be, "what would customers want to do which uses this sort of technology?".

    Seriously, I'd suggest for techie people to look up a "Computers & Technology" type hour on a TV channel like QVC.  Ultimately, it really doesn't matter what the miniscule percentage of the types on Channel 9 and other technology sites think, its the sort of people the likes of QVC market to.

    Look at XP.  In terms of ordinary users, one of the features that I always see that impresses people is the Camera & Scanner wizard.  More precisely, the fact that a user can plug in a camera and a little box will come up with a bunch of very-simple-to-choose-from tasks.  Ordinary folk really like it.  I fear that too many techies are almost inflicted with the Clippy thing and see that helpful box as a bad thing.

    So, what you really need to ask is this, what sort of things do users do or want to do with their media that this sort of technology encompasses?  This is where the biggest problem lies in the proposed idea.  Robert suggests "we need to build Internet Content Sharing into everything we do".  I can tell you something FOR SURE:  what you think is Internet Content Sharing is very different to the everyday user who would be mortified that something they shared is available for all to see - purely because they don't know, and frankly don't care, what the Internet is.

    The biggest oddity with this whole area is that there seems to be very little that really needs to be done.  There must be a key ideology to all this - its THE USER'S media and thus, you should give them as much control but make it as simple and as clear as possible, just like with the Digital Camera dialog, so the user doesn't at any point feel out of control of the media.  Apart from that, open up APIs or whatever it takes so that Web Services/Smart Clients can actively and seamlessly work with the media via Explorer, create a standard and robust and simple security model for publication and encourage other essential services.  Simple!  Tongue Out

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    Gotdotnet is a great community site with projects galore.

    Check-out the podcast with the Gotdotnet Team.

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    Robert, It looks as though I am the first podcaster to respond to your post, so I will keep my comments brief. Podcasting is not a fad and we will look back on this time the way we look back on 1994 and the Internet. The whole grassroots nature of podcasting has been lost on Apple with their iTunes integration. Like most podcasters, I immediately complied with Appleā€™s edict to add new tags to my RSS feed. To date, nothing has been updated in the iTunes podcast directory after more than 24 hours since the tags were posted. Worse, they are changing the ID3 tags in our mp3 files, further changing the listener experience and the intention of the creator. What Microsoft needs to do is engage the podcasting community the same as you have wisely done with the blogging community. Together we can make Windows Media Player the podcasting hub and WMA players and Windows Mobile handhelds a legitimate citizen in the pod-catching community. It is not too late to make a run at this thing... some of us cross-platform users can help. -- Tim Elliott

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    Pass the bottle around tim.

    Apple's posting podcasts, who would have thunk'it?

    Did you know Robert will not link to Vloggers?

    What is it about a silly name?

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    Here's my iTunes 4.9.1 wish list...

    Obviously, these are important points for Microsoft to concider.

    1.An itunes namespace used to identify an AAC file that could be downloaded into iTunes. Thus telling itunes to ignore an MP3 file mapped out in the regular enclosure tag.

    This way you could produce iTunes and iPod friendly podcasts with all the chapter functionality, while still providing all the other non-apple podcatchers and listening devices with the good old MP3 file. All within one feed!

    The way it currently is, you will start seeing iTunes exclusive feeds popping up all over the place.

    2. Windows based Chapter tool.

    3. Custom playlist for Podcasts, so you can have an auto list of new or unlistened podcasts. (new casts are indicated in iTunes, but not on the iPod it's self)

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    Please dont ask us on new features, you will end with a bloated product nobody wants.

    Sorry to bring Google at the table, but think about it:
    There was already maps on the web all over, but they came up with radical new changes, is not features, is not that someone ask them to do that, they just sit down and think.

    About podcast (or why not):
    1. I'm not english speaker, so even if I can read english, it's dificult for me to listen
    2. I dont have an Ipod or something, too expensive in Argentina
    3. Donwloads too heavy, sorry.

    Why I dont post often? Well, basically, I'm working!

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    Blogged my full response  although generally, I agree with the comment above. Less is more, would be nice to see a more stripped back raw version of Windows Media Player, something that runs fast uses very small amount of resources and offers a plethora of one-click plugins like Firefox has available. Why waste all that space on "sync" if you don't have a portable device to sync to? Instead have the UI be device aware and when a portable device is plugged in that becomes an obvious option. Seems like wasted real estate for those who don't have portable devices.

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    1. Why are we making a naming distinction based on content type for podcasts, vlogcasts, crapcasts, etc.?  If this is the "accepted" nomenclature, what exactly do you get when you subscribe to a broadcast?
    2. While the rest of the computing world is rapidly shifting from a consumption-driven computer experience to a production-driven computer experience, we (MSFT) continue to naval-gaze.  The ability to share is what is getting people engaged these days - hey, look what I did with Garageband...  Hey, look what I did with GoogleMaps.  This ability creates power.  Microsoft did it long ago with Office - it suddenly became very easy to create professional-quality presentations, rather than rely on other to create "foils" for them.  It suddenly became easy to run your own budget and play what-if games, rather than rely on the accounting group to do it for you when they could get to it.  What's our "here's new power" offering now?  What can I do with Microsoft software that I couldn't do before?  The answer has got to be "I can share things, confidently".
    3. The reason Ch9 doesn't get more responses is that we've convinced folks we don't listen.  At best, we listen to a very select few.  Of course(!) Winer's going to like what we're doing with RSS - he thinks he owns the damn thing.
    4. If we continue to make a distinction between "the computer" and "the Internet", we will continue to have our asses handed to us.  There can't be a distinction - it has to be about sharing.  My Mom should be able to tell the computer, I want to show Shawn this picture", and "the computer" will take it from there.  I want her to be able to write her thoughts in her diary, and automagically everyone who she wants to see those thoughts, can see them.  My Mom should be able to share whatever she wants with whoever she wants whenever she wants.
    5. It used to be "A computer on every desktop".  Going forward, it has to be, "Helping the World Share Its Stuff."
    6. If we continue to ask folks what they want, someone else will give them what they think they need.  We (MSFT) *suck* at painting a world people want to participate in, right now and going forward.  Right now, we're calling some of our best customers dinosaurs because they won't upgrade when we tell them it's time to upgrade.  We're telling our customers they're wrong when they're telling us that we have to paint a more compelling story.  What's wroing with this picture?

      I'm sorry, but John F. Kennedy did not inspire the nation by asking if we wanted to go to Space or not.  He painted a picture that demanded greatness.  We have to do the same - paint a picture demanding graceful applications, that just work, exactly the way I *think* they should work.

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    • Create specifications for public podcast registry server. Enable Media Player to point to any of these registry servers and let people search podcasts by quality, popularity, publisher, length, topics etc and subscribe.
    • Add functionality for more control over sound recording, make it more professional, ability to add tracks in to existing streams. Esentially creating "mini sound studio". Ok.. now it should be called Media Recorder. Windows definitely needs to do better than obsolete Wave recorder.
    • Provide free sound library like you do for Office cliparts and templates. May be you can also enable it for public contribution.
    • Extend MSN Spaces for one step publishing of audio streams and support downloading using BitTorrent like thing.

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    Sorry Scoble, this is offtopic to your thread.

    j0217995 wrote:
    I guess I'm one of those that don't understand the nature or even the reason for podcasting.

    I hope Technet webcasts someday will use this format (podcasting or whatever the hip word is today) for their webcasts.


    I spend 4-5 hours yesterday at work (my users are almost all gone for the summer, so i had most of our 50 Mbps internetpipe to myself) downloading Support webcasts from;en-us;pwebcst&style=toc. If the webcasts were delivered as a single mediafile it would be much easier to share with my colleages or play the content on other platforms (PDAs, mobile telephones or even portable mediaplayers).

    j0217995 wrote:
    I don't own an iPod, I don't really have the desire right now for one.

    Me neither, i have enough electronic gear to haul around, i dont need another singlefunction gadget.

    j0217995 wrote:
    I am the exception here as a full time administrator not a developer.

    You are not the only exception, i am a full time administrator too.

    j0217995 wrote:
    Where is the Channel9 for network admins?

    I could use that too.

    The Technet guys probably could use a clone of Scoble. Perhaps a future version of Virtual Server and Virtual Server Migration Toolkit could help them run and admin him (but there are all sort of implementation issues with the human version 1.0 platform).

    j0217995 wrote:
    I like the products I guess I don't find them sexy.

    Off course not, you see what applications and servers do when they screw up, your job is to clean up the mess.

    Watch this podcast by Billy Hollis (41 MB):

    In the podcast Billy are talking about codeheads and how they feed their addiction. I found it on

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    Tyler Brown

    Manip wrote:
    Check this out IMlogging - I have crossed using an IM client and blogging, so instead of you talking to someone you are actually blogging to them! This is an exciting new advance in technology! I want to know when Microsoft is going to advanced and add IMLogging to MSN Msg? All you have to do is add a button that says 'Send IMLogging Post' that works exactly like the standard chat button.

    Or even better what about PicLogging, you use an RSS feed to transfer all the pictures to the consumer!

    Or better clocklogging; instead of getting the clock time each hour though a TCP or UDP packet it gets added onto the RSS feed and your client downloads it and updates your clock! Genius!

    <-- Look! I'm a Evangelist too, I created a brand new blogging term! Where is my MVP?
    I don't know if it's because it's rather late, or if I'm losing my sanity, but this post had me in hysterics. Thanks Manip, got a good laugh out of this one Smiley

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    Ship WinFS first. Then let me share that.

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    How about nothing?

    Please don't put RSS into media player. I know you think it's better than s3x robert, but this constant "Lets put RSS into everything" is becoming more and more laughable.

    You want to support it? Don't do it directly. Give better support for folder monitoring, maybe a registry key for a specific "Podcast" folder and allow all those third party readers to find that directory and  place files in it. Then scan it on startup and put a watcher on it. Then just have a new playlist which gets automatically created for WMPs sync facility, and maybe an "unlistened" view somewhere (which I guess would have to sync back again, although I doubt the sync code does that)

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    ianmac wrote:
    This way you could produce iTunes and iPod friendly podcasts with all the chapter functionality, while still providing all the other non-apple podcatchers and listening devices with the good old MP3 file. All within one feed!

    Wouldn't that imply using atom as a feed protocol. Looks like atom is about to be killed off by the RSS announcement from MS yesterday.

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    Mike Dimmick

    Wasn't anybody listening to the video properly? IIRC, the Longhorn 'RSS' platform will support RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3 and, when it's done, Atom 1.0. That's assuming Atom 1.0 is done before Longhorn's feature set is frozen.

    From RSS Support in Longhorn:

    "RSS, as we use it in this document, refers not to a single format (such as RSS 2.0), but to the general concept of feeds of syndicated content. It should be considered to cover all feed formats that meet the basic criteria of updateable collections of items."

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    Being a consumer of podcasts as well as a producer I want to keep things simple for the listener.

    A simple Subscribe button in IE that subscribes to a podcast with Windows Media Player 11 would be fine.

    I read lots of people asking for interactive show notes etc but for me while driving and listening to a show I don't need scrolling show notes.

    Microsoft role should be enabling the technology (RSS) in to there applications.
    So for example Windows Media Center should be able to subscribe to RSS feeds for delivering, Video ,Audio and other content. So the user doesn't need to know about how about RSS etc just that the TV channel works and the content is available when they want it.

    From a producers point of view while it would be nice to have tools from Microsoft there are plenty of people creating podcast studios.

    Microsoft should be enabling the technology by working to keep the end user experience simple and proving tools for the developer community to create the content production tools

    The Windows Media Center Show

    EDIT I should have said I have been getting great support from the Microsoft, people like Sean Alexander and guys from the eHome team have been very helpfull in coming on the show. They get Podcasting.

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