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Why Channel 9 is stuped

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    Jeff Putz writes Why Channel 9 is stuped and asks should he come here because it looks cool and trendy, and everyone thinks it's a good idea? 

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    I think many developers will come here and check out the content, play around for a while and wait to see what happens.  If channel9 continually adds interesting content and/or becomes a hub of discussion on MS technologies people will stay.  The fact that is looks good (or doesn't) and people think it's cool should be completely irrelevant.

    The point Jeff misses is that blogs are primarily focused around a single person.  This site seems to be a group blog allowing for much more discussion.

    I'm excited to see what's going to happen.

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    Jeff Putz is not stupid and knows that the word is not spelled "stuped."  

    what this forum needs is lots of big animated smiley gifs!

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    It opens up a whole new world. This is about a community that has been growing around .Net.

    The success of channel9 will depend on the contributions of thousands of developers (aspiring and dusty old pros), it takes a community.

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    This is my problem.  If I spend any more f$@#%$@ing time ingesting info from email, blogs, wikis, channel9s, surfing, webcasts, .net rocks, msdntv, workspaces, etc etc my head is going to explode... like the dude in Scanners.

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    I think channel 9 has a lot of potential. I can understand about the fragmented view that people may complain about with all the MS (and ms sponsored) sites out there such as gotdotnet,, msdn,etc , but I think this at least on the surface seems to be a different beast. I think the difference early on is those sites where purely information sites that spawned into a community/portal because thats what developers wanted/needed. Someplace to come together and rant/discuss/etc.  It seems that channel 9 is a community to begin with that that will be informational (and probably entertaining I'm sure) and I think the fact that it seems to be starting off as a community and not evolving into one after the fact that visitors/members will have a different experience here.

    If you get what you need from a couple sites and a few blogs then more power to you Smiley, but I think with the recent blog explosion from MS/Non-MS developers the developers of channel 9 have noticed that there is a missing element that people have started going to blogs to fill. Well wouldn't be great if you could get some of the same insight and information in one place instead of spending every evening reading RSS feeds in your favorite aggregator and having feedback and comments from more then just the visitor/author of that blog?

    Anyway it should be interesting to see where channel 9 goes.


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    I applaud Microsoft and the Developers for going out on a limb here, and showing us some of their real world.  There are several of us that live in awe of Microsoft, and have no idea that you're just developers too.  Hacking out the same problems of life and code every day. 

    I look forward to seeing what this site develops into, but you have a strong vote of confidence from me from the get go.

    Power to you gentleman, keep up the good work.

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    Kudos to the folks with the cajones that started this group - I think it's promising. 

    I'm just curious to know how Channel9 is going to be Moderated.  Sure, there are people who will tell you that it shouldn't be moderated but every web forum I've ever been to has its share of trolls. I just hope that there's a fine balance that removes the idiots but still allows for intelligent, even if negative, opinions about Microsoft products.

    Unfortunately, that sounds like a herculean task to me. 

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    eagle wrote:

    It opens up a whole new world. This is about a community that has been growing around .Net.

    Yeah...I guess the idea of community to those who haven't experienced something like it (i.e. Open Source development) would think community is "a whole new world".

    Hopefully this brings about some positive things in the M$ "community" (quotes are there to question whether self-serving individuals whose only goal is to gain rank with Microsoft and not each other can be called such). My hope is this Channel 9 can start to bring about changes in some of these attitudes (i.e. I have an MCSE, therefore I know everything...).

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    I think Channel9 is an excellent concept Smiley Can't wait to see where this site will grow in the future with more users and content. The start looks really promising.

    I do have one gripe: I've noticed some (understandable) glitches with the pages, but there doesn't seem to be any place to report/comment on the site (bugs). Anyone?

    For example posting : When I click post button on AddPost and it takes me back to the ShowPost page, the ShowPost page doesn't seem to update immediately with the new post I made..

    It could be me, my Firefox or the fact that it's 2:36 at night.

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    Send us your bug reports to

    We would love to hear what the issues are.  Thanks for the help.

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    You are right, it is a hurculean task. The five of us are going to do our best to start, but we will eventually pull in community moderators as well.  In the end, I have faith in the power of the collective community to balance each other out and do their best possible to keep the peace.  I could be wrong ... but I have seen this work more than I have seen moderators that rule with an iron fist succeed. 

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    Anyone who's ever been involved in my communities knows that I believe in freedom of speech and will fight against removing any post.

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    it's ugly, buggy and a poor copy of the opensource communities too.

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    Trendzetter, Are you going to post that same thought over and over again?

    Just wondering.

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    Jeremy W

    Personally I think you guys are doing a great job. I've been involved in on-line communities since the start, and have lead some very large ones, but what's happening here at Channel9 is unique. It's highly focussed, very (for lack of a better word) combative and evolutionary.

    I can't wait to see what this thing becomes. I know that Lenn's been looking for ways to communicate, and while I'm not sure this is what he is looking for, it's certainly an interesting experiment in that space.

    Congrats guys. Time to go read what all the /.'ers are saying Wink

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    tripvin wrote:
    ...If I spend any more f$@#%$@ing time ingesting info from email, blogs, wikis, channel9s, surfing, webcasts, .net rocks, msdntv, workspaces, etc etc ...

    Which brings forth an interesting question... I'm curious how much time developers typically spend digesting information in a day... blogs, channel9, etc...

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    I think there is something which could really help information overload on community sites like Channel 9...

    How about a "What's New" page which is dynamically built containing all the new posts and comments (perhaps just new comments in threads the user has participated in). It would certainly make Channel 9 easier to digest Smiley

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