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    The concepts of Channel 9 are ok, but not revolutionary to the development community. The ideas of Channel 9 are only considered "new" in the eyes of Microsoft and probably those in "this" community that have known nothing else but Microsoft. (linux) is full of products, most with their own websites, emails, blogs, and forums about their product which duplicate the every same thing that Channel 9 is trying to do with its own Microsoft products.

    As far as their design concepts and overall verbal language, Channel 9 in my opinion, appears to present itself as a childlike commercial. The color, graphics, and layout reminds me of somthing that I've seen either at McDonald's or playing with my LEGOs. And the gammar presented in Topic: The Channel 9 Doctrine ( works well for the Middle School grade level.

    All in all, the presentation of Channel 9 says to me that this is nothing more than a joke. "Don't take us seriously becuase after all, we won't take you seriously."