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What's the best kernal? Cutler/Torvalds?

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    David Cutler ( Mr DEC) did the NT kernal - as "apparently" Linus Torvalds started the Linux Kernal Wink

    Assuming that because Linux is free, that MS could use his kernal or it's own, which is best?

    or are unix kernals the ultimate ( bsd, solaris ;P )

    Personally? I have never compiled a kernal or know much about any of this..but i do ask: What is the best kernal? and if its not Cutters creation - what should MS look to use ( assuming they open up a bit..)

    (spelling fixed)

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    I'm definitely not an expert or even advanced user to be able to answer question "which is best" (there is no answer I think...), but there is some arguments why I choose/use Linux (and BSD).

    I'm able to understand how it really works
    - source code
    - books
    - news-groups
    - communities

    I'm able to customize it
    - choose which I/O, process scheduler it uses
    - which file system it supports (yes ... there are _many_)
    - and hundreds other things

    I can use it in my old PC:s and not Intel/PC architectures too
    - 486
    - Pentium (75Mhz)
    - Amiga

    And so on ...

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    A comparison of the kernels was the topic of one of the most popular sessions at TechEd according to Denise Smith's blog.

    From Sysinternals site:

    "General Session: Windows and Linux: A Tale of Two Kernels Are we over the debate about who's better? Let's move on. In fact, Linux has become more like Windows as its core developers have borrowed some of Windows' high-performance optimizations. In this session, Mark Russinovich will highlight the evolution of both operating systems over the past few years, comparing their kernel architectures side-by-side. Then, we'll look at the question of high-end performance by reviewing their current standings in enterprise benchmarks and speculate on each platform's future direction."

    Maybe a good hearted C9er could get permission to post the slides/audio from that session on this site. I wish I was among the lucky few that could attend!


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    Jamie, just for the record his name is Dave CUTLER. Not to nitpick ... but just getting his name correct.

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    Here's a relatively good comparison of UNIX and NT kernels.

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    I do want to make it clear that the NT kernel is NOT the work of one person.  The kernel was written by many developers, as pointed out by Helen Custer's Inside Windows NT.

    At a minimum, it was Dave Cutler (everything), Bryan Willman (x86), Lou Perrazoli (mm, ps), Mark Lukowski (ex), Steve Wood (ob), Darryl Havens (io).

    And there was a cast of literally dozens of highly talented others who contributed.

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    blah, what is your goals for the day? If you are used to Windows go with that, if you are used to *nix go whith that, or both. It is like dicussing should I go with Jesus or Allah? Who really knows? Personally I never trust tests, they are seldom objective enough.

    Ok, I am maybe not the one to speak about platforms but I always have this feeling about Windows that all the GUI stuff is made of to many compromises that the system is to often doomed to stumble and crash.
    And in some cases GUI is waste of resources.

    I am not against GUIs and I love Windows, but as allways there is a long way to go.

    I have a feeling that Longhorn is going to shake the world.


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