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Windows and keyboards

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    First I would say I love Windows XP (just as I love Linux) they great systems, but far from perfect(yeah)

    Here is a negative Windows feature I often run into in my workdays.

    I am a norwegian therefore I use a norwegian keyboard layout where the keys is layout slightly differently than eg. an english|US one.

    Most of the applications I use every day is the english versions, I prefer that in these Internet 'no boundary times'.

    But in some of those apps Windows randomly(?) switches to english keyboard layout when I start typing, and I have to lose focus and switch back to my primary language again, switch focus to the app again and then Windows switches back to english again.
    I have to do this a couple of times until I finaly can start working.

    Is this a bug? if not is there a workaround to fix this annoying feature?

    As far as I remember this thing often happened in Windows 2000 also.


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    Have you set your windows version to norwegian?

    ~ Knute

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