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Presentation in Vector graphics

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    I've been following the development of Windows especially Avalon and WinFS, and it looks promising.

    About Avalon

    There is one thing I am wondering of and that is:

    Is Microsoft going to compete with Macromedias Flash technology?

    eg. the Avalon looks very similar to Flash and XAML looks like Flex

    There have been rumors that Microsoft tried to buy Macromedia some years ago (I guess it was right before Longhorn was introduced to the public)

    I saw one of the Interviews with Joe Beda
    "Is Avalon going to take over the web?"

    If you can build Avalon applications that easily interact with web servers etc. I guess Macromedia is are frightened that all the web application developers is going to Avalon/XAML (except for Mac users and maybe Linux (by blogs etc. you can smell that Macromedia is playing with the *nix platform in the labs)

    I bet MS with all their resources can develop this kind of technology faster and better then anyone and can easily whipe out Flash or any other technology in a second.

    What do you think, is the technologies alike or am I wrong?

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    Frank Hileman

    Well, Avalon will only run on Longhorn machines, so Flash is not threatened by that for many years. There will always be a role for cross-platform graphics, such as SVG, as well.

    I think the problem with flash is its focus on activex controls and macromedia-centered development tools. If you want to create animated vector graphics with .NET tools and languages you have to use something like -- activex controls are on the way out.

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