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BTW what is a "working stiff"

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    Some of the profiles of people say "working stiff" located at blah blah blah location....

    Is it a typo? May be it means these people are "working staff" members of MS.

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    Quite a long way between A and I.... Wink

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    Dude.. a working stiff is just a regular person with job, it is just a fill-in until you change your profile yourself.

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    James Steele

    Oh man. Too funny!

    Hey manuj, maybe a combination of the two was what they intended. (Working Stiff MS staff member located at....) 

    Kidding of course.

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    i cannot WAIT to be a working stiff!!!!

    Tongue Out

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    Stuart Celarier

    Stiff is slang for a body, often an anonymous or interchangable functionary. Originally (?) stiff referred to a corpse, as in rigor mortis. A rough translation of 'working stiff' might be 'just another worker'. Also see 'worker bee' or 'drone'.

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    Same here Smiley

    At first I thought the term was inspired from the movie "American Pie" - they have a funny character who calls himself "Stiff Master". I wonder whether most MS employee resemble even remotely...

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