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Windows emdedded operating systems and Linux

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    I am doing a presentation on M/S embedded operating systems for the final stage of an interview. I have produced slides on M/S embedded in general, XP embedded and CE5.0. I am ok with these - ie what they offer and the main differences between the two (real time, X86 etc etc..), but the last slide is a 'free slide' it can be anything we want to talk about. I chose M/S Embedded vs Linux. The problem is, how can I best present the argument in favour of Microsoft in one slide?

    Anyone able to help?

    Thank you,


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    Well if you decided on that as your last slide, you must belive there are some benefits... what are they?

    List them out, and pick what you think is most relevant.

    EDIT: Typo!

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    partitiion is not the same...but live cd linux you can run windows on it

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    to point the advantages of ms ,u got to find the shortcomings of linux.Its so simple !!

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