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XML in Office 2003

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    I am a little disappointed to find out that my student edition of Office 2003 doesn't have all the XML support that is available in Professional. I was sort of aware of this when I bought it, but it wasn't something i knew much about, and can't afford to pay the price for professional. See

    I had recently been trying to find out more about XML, mainly due to Brian Jones blog,, and wanted to try creating my own schema within excel. At least it support opening XML files, and XSLT.

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    Hey Mitch, as you noticed you can still use a good amount of the XML support as far as the reference schemas go. You can work with the Word and Excel schemas as well as some of the XSLT support.
    The customer defined schema support though isn't in every SKU, and there is really a ton of power there.
    If you're looking to try out some of the functionality, there are some online labs available (as I pointed out here).
    You can also get a trial CD of Office 2003 Pro here.


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    Thanks for the reply, been away for the weekend, and just reading all my RSS feeds. The online labs look like they will be good for looking at some of the professional only features.


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