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what's your daily schedule?

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    I love Outlook and OneNote.
    5:30 AM, get up and perparing(such wash face,brush teeth)
    6:00 ~ 7:00 AM,  English reading
    7:00 ~ 7:30 AM,  breakfast
    7: 30 ~ 7: 50 AM, thinking or in a daze
    8: 00 AM , go to company
    at company
    9:00 ~ 9:30 AM, import or check out days task from Project Server and VSS
    9:30 ~ 12:00 AM, coding
    12:00 ~ 1:00 PM, have lunch and rest
    1:00 ~ 5:30 PM, coding
    5:30 ~ 6:00  PM, check in
    at home
    8: 00 ~ 10: 00 PM computer relative(write a piece of code , read computer book)
    10::00 ~ 11: 00 PM English relative
    11: 00 ~ 11: 30 PM , read others books in the bed( novel, literature ,business etc.)
    11: 30 (or 12:00) PM, wash body and sleep

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    On a weekend:

    Wake up between 11am and 2pm
    Spend around half an hour in the shower
    Have a quick breakfast consisting of whatever's sitting in the cupboard
    Boot my PC
    Boot Outlook, WinAMP, Firefox, and check Messenger
    "Do Email", play whatever has the lowest playcount in the WinAMP library, check the forums I regular on along with the daily webcomics listing.
    Then play CounterStrike whilst pretending to be doing work

    By then its around 7pm and I get round to actually doing something.

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    on my weekend:
    9:00~20:00 Watching DVD(most of Movies is from Hollywood and HongKong , most of Teleplays is from S.Korea and Japan) and TV(CCTV international ONLY) , or Shoping(if i got my wage).

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    I work 4/7 so my work day schedule is:

    6.30 - get up
    7.30 - get on the Tube to work
    8.30 - swipe in, log on, check emails,
    9-13 - work, work, work
    13-14 - lunch
    14-19.30 - work, work, work
    19.30 - 20.15 - enough for the day, go home mate
    20.30 - 23.00 - movies/TV/etc.

    On my day(s) off:
    10.00 - get up or not
    11-12 - breakfast
    12-23 - do whatever: surf, read, play some games, eat something, change something, do something better - (sounds like a VW advert on the telly Wink

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    Jeremy W

    I work 9:30~10:00-5:00, and then whatever other hours are required (I work for myself, from home most days).

    So, I get up at 8:30, shower, eat, catch up on blogs / email and start "real work" sometime between 9:30-10:00.

    I then take 15-20 minutes to figure out what from my task list (of next actions) needs done that day, I prioritize it, and I start working.

    A typical day will involve blog posts (paid and free), a couple of conference calls, an interview for my podcast, some book editing, doing some book proposals, doing some courseware work for Microsoft, prepping for my upcoming speaking tour this fall, working on various blogs, and then working on "future projects".

    It'll also involve some exercise, chatting with my wife, going for a quiet stroll through town, catching up with friends and generally trying to stay chilled out.

    It's amazing how much you can get done when you're both organized and relaxed.

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    Summer vacation typical weekday:

    6:20AM - Wake Up
    6:40AM to 7:00AM - Breakfast and exercise
    7:10AM - In Car..Dad dropping me off @ school to Work

    8:00AM - Arrive @ Work. Spend time updating machines, installing new software, laughing at the pathetic iMac sitting on the wheely cart...
    11:59PM - Work done. Salvation.

    ----Off Work----
    12:20PM to 1:20PM - Wandering in the city, looking for places to eat. If friends are available, hanging out.
    2:00PM -Head home

    2:40PM to ~4:00PM - Reading up on C9 posts and Scoble's blog.  Talking to friends on internet.  Playing games. Website stuff.
    ~4:00PM to ~5:30PM - SAT stuff.
    5:30PM - More exercise.
    6:00PM to 6:40PM - Reading a book
    7:00PM to 8:00PM - Smallville
    8:30PM - Dinner while doing some website stuff @ same time.
    9:00PM - Finishing up websites
    10:00PM - Teen Titans! Whoohoo!! Yeah! Superhero action shows rock! Tongue Out
    10:30PM - Dragon Ball Z! Anime rocks more than ever! Smiley
    11:00PM - ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    There. Smiley


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    Jeremy W

    mVPstar wrote:
    8:00AM - Arrive @ Work. Spend time updating machines, installing new software, laughing at the pathetic iMac sitting on the wheely cart...
    11:59PM - Work done. Salvation.


    I'm assuming you mean 11:59 AM?!!!!

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