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    Personally I don't mind people smoking. My take on the situation is that hell, there are already enough pollutants in EVERYTHING else, wtf is a little tobacco smoke gonna due. 

    Among pesticides, fertilizers, steroids (in cattle), genetic engeneering in other livestock and produce, vehicle exhaust, solar radiation rising, stupid people breeding, drunk people driving, crackheads robbing, thug boys thugging, and hundreds of other things - I think I can handle a person relaxing with a cigarette in their mouth.

    And the argument placed earlier about people legally loading themselves with a poison that is served at most any diner or pub and walking right to their car and speeding off to run some kid over is very relevant. I would rather see 100 people smoking cigarettes, hell even 100 people smoking a joint in one hand and a cigarette in the other and driving with their feet over seeing a drunk driver.

    I think we are just breeding a world of whiners these days. Raised on T.V. and Ritalin.

    And yes I currently smoke a cigarette or two. I started back up not too long ago after 3 years of not smoking. I will say that never durring those 3 years, or any other time I had quit, did I ever feel the need to tell someone their 'smoke was bothering me'. You don't like it? Then YOU move somewhere else. They have just as much of a right to be at that spot as you do. Hell, you could even ask politely if they would mind moving down a little more. But I will tell you now, if I had some random schmuck come cough on me because they were pissy about smoke, I'de jam the cigarette up their nose and tell em to enjoy as they smack at their face trying to get it out.