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View Thread: What if without water and electricity?
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    footballism wrote:
    Because of an unusual accident with the water supply in my region, something like brick wall falling down and broke the water pipeline, I have to go out with a bucket, finding some places where water is still available, you know, the closestool has to be flushed off, my mom needs water to prepare for my tomorrow's breakfast etc, so guy! Move now...
      Ok, now I'm back from carrying water from a long distance, actually it's just few hundred metres away from my home, I said it long distance because in terms of that I have to take a large bucket of water from here to there and back, it's really a labour intensive work I have to do, just like walking several thousand miles.
      When I carried the bucket of water on my way back home, I have a question in mind: what if without clean water and electricity in the world? can we still leave without them? which matters to us most, water and electricity, or computer technology?

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    I think we could go without clean water.  I seem to remmeber reading about Colonial Americans drinking so much whisky this and wine that beer... etc etc.  I asked a knowledgeable friend about it and they gave the explanation that sometimes the alcahol in these beverges was the only drink they could keep from going rotten without refridgeration.

    Seemed to make sense.  So to me if I had a choice between clean water and electricity, I would choose electricity, since you can make clean water with electricity - but thats like cheating on the original question.

    Sounds like you need to make a cart or hoist or... something.