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    I don't like menus either and I also have a idea to improve them a lot. When appliction pakages app into installer and when he makes a shortcuts for his app, couldn't it just be just great if there could be some sort of first priority organization like that games belong to games menus. What I mean that first is what kind program it is(Games, Graphics, Multimedia...), then there is maker/publisher(SquareSoft, Adobe, Apple...) and after that program(Final Fantasy VIII, Photoshop, iTunes) and it's subgroups(Help, Manual, User Guide).

    Making out a database of installed programs that that way finding a corresponding shortcut for menu could make it faster and easier to browse it around.

    I like that menus will open fast as possible. I don't like to wait a 2-5 seconds for a nice fade. People who what that fade can have it, I don't want to deny that pleasure. But when browsing a menus where are about hundred application shortcuts and finding the one right is pain in *** with fades. Smiley

    What I have seen from screenshots Longhorn has a somesort of searchable menu similar to GTK+2.6 stylish menu search. I think thats cool in GTK platform, but since I haven't tested it in longhorn I don't know for sure what kind of it is in it. That's made to reduce the menu leight in screen, I guess.

    As for taskbar, change to allways group similar programs is a nice feature. And very usedful. But some kind of running applications lister could be nice feature too. That FLB looks nice. I gotta try it.