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View Thread: Are You a Citizen or Are You A Terrorist?
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    zzzzz wrote:
    billh, kinda of depressing?

    Sacrificing yourself for a cause is as old as the humans are young.  Every society, religion, ideology  in human history has glorified selfless acts of giving oneself to future generations or saving of another.  Anybody that stands on a line and watches over others has to deal  that they may have to give up their lives to protect others.

    Now the question that may being asked is why are these well educated, and intelligent men and women committing these acts.  Simply they believe that it is the only method of attack left open.  this is the reason the war is already lost to them because this is the act of desperation only in the last death throws do people throw their best and brightest away so carelessly.   In every war from the Fall of the Aztecs to Japanese and Germany defeat of WWII only when defeat was apparent  do people start throwing their lives away for little to no gain in the objective of winning.