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    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    You could say that I'm overreacting [snip]

    You're overreacting.  Not to mention spreading FUD.  I'll don my grumpy old man hat now.

    Have you ever used Amazon's A9 service?  I signed up for it (including credit card info, for later purchases), and they preauth'ed a buck.  I only noticed it because I happened to be balancing my account later that night.  A day later, the pre-auth was gone.

    This going to become commonplace in tomorrow's online market.  If you enter a CC#, they're going to test it for validity, esp. if it's a scenario involving multiple transactions.  Look at it this way-- say you've selected 10 songs, so you're giong to get chanrged $9.90.  Now, your card isn't going to get rung up for $0.99 ten times, is it?  They can queue the charges until the end of the day, and ring you up then.  But if they don't test your card first, then they can get screwed.  Or would you rather wait until the end of the day to get your downloads?

    What makes you think the Microsoft would do anything different?

    And you think it's odd that the iTunes website doesn't have on-the-phone customer support?  Have you ever tried to contact a human being at, or  At least you found a phone number.

    Again, I say you're overreacting.  Smiley