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    Sooo, how many of you are avid gameplayers? Maybe we should sort something out, like a channel9 gaming night.

    I personally play most games on steam(cs,dod,etc) And I also have a new character on World Of Warcraft.

    Anybody else?

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    Michael Griffiths

    I enjoy building/designing gameworlds and managing forums/communities attached to them.

    Not the games, so much.

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    I'm quite the WoW player myself. I have a 60 Tauren Shaman on Tichondrius but I've left that server to join some friends on Blackhand. I'm re-leveling a shaman there (Mogoran) and a mage as well (Kanejin).

    As we all know, Horde is way better than Alliance.

    As far as other games go, I don't play much on PC or XBox nowadays. I'll probably pick up Dungeon Siege II when it hits the company store (I didn't like the first one that much but I have a strange optimism about the sequel). I'm eagerly awaiting the X-men Legends sequel as well as Fable: Lost Chapters for X-Box.

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    I'm a demo fiend.  I'm too cheap to buy a bunch of games... not only that but I'd really prefer not to spend too much time gaming my life away.  Right now I'm playing the Battlefield 2 demo.  Nice graphics, and pretty decent gameplay considering the variety of vehicles and weapons.  Oh and playing on a really big map is cool.

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    I play on Kargath (normal realm) in WoW. My main is "Pikatung," a level 45 priest, and my alt is "Raitung," a level 14 rogue. I am thinking about starting on a pvp server though, any recommendations?

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    Ohh I wish I had WoW, but I will be getting soon I think. I'm playing CSS and BF2 atm. BF2 is great, but really buggy and laggy. That depends what servers you go in.

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    Enemy Territory
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Mahjongg (GNOME)

    I don't play much but those are great fun ..

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    Right now I'm still running on my 2 year old GeForce 4 Ti4800SE.... due for an upgrade to a sexeh 6600GT in a few weeks time. But until then, my choice in games hasn't exactly been "cutting edge"

    Right now I'm playing:

    Quake 2
    Descent ][
    Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

    And occasional bouts of ZDoom.

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    Sven Groot

    I don't game much. I think the last new game I've played was Need For Speed Underground 2, and right now I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Myst 5.

    I recently discovered Pocket Sarien, which is an AGI emulator for the PocketPC, allowing me to run old Sierra games such as Space Quest 1 and 2, Police Quest 1, King's Quest 1 through 4, Leisure Suit Larry etc. on my PocketPC. That, is just incredibly cool.

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    GTA:SA + Hot Coffee Wink
    Stronghold 2
    Finished Dungeon Lords
    Waiting for anything RPG Coop Multiplayer to come out.

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    i have played was Chinese Army Chess.

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    Unreal Tournament 2004 0wnz you all (especially Source).

    Edit: Do some of you remember the name of a tank game? By now it's probably more than 12-15 years old. The view was top-down and you had to drive to the enemy base and shoot everything. I always played it in 2 player mode against a friend (on 1 computer).

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    I personally currently prefer (besides bonk's adventure of course) Battlefield 2. Its really fun to play and I like the stronger focus on team play. Too bad that this games needs an ÜberPC to run smooth.

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    Starcraft!  It just never gets old!  I just wish weren't so damm laggy these days... Plus the Korean games always have sucky maps.

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    Michael Griffiths wrote:
    I enjoy building/designing gameworlds and managing forums/communities attached to them.

    Not the games, so much.

    Cool so what are you building at the moment, currently i'm waist deep in the source sdk for a project.


    Sampy, yes you are correct Big Smile Horde do rule. <- LVL 12 Tauren Shammy on Burning Leigion.


    So if we wanted to organise some kind of channel9 gaming night it would have to be either CS: S, BF2 or UT2K4

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    I don't play that much games, but when I do play games, it's usually small, addictive games that you often don't even have to install. I like the games PopCap Games produces < >.

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    I really don't play much either. Occasionally I will play Empires or CS if some of my friends are online.

    I prefer the small addictive games nowadays as well like Katamari. I am actually looking forward to the Revolution so I can download the early Nintendo games since they did not take a week to get started with everything.

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