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View Thread: Cash Cow - article by former MS employee
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    Interesting that you post this article. I actually read it late last night (saw the headline on the front page of Seattly Weekly on my way out of a local tavern. Obviously, it caught my attention.)

    He clearly left the company on somewhat bad terms because he probably didn't get his way with a project... Being that he was rich thanks to the company he now scorns, he had the freedom to move on and do some really good things for the community for which I applaud him.

    As to his specific complaints, I think he needs to figure out how to manage his Operating System. XP has never performed as poorly for me as he describes and I do a lot of harsh and memory intensive things on my machine (since I write and compile code on it and stress the cpu to the max...). Further, based on his descriptions, it sounds like he's installed free software that installed spyware on his system. I hate when that happens.  

    His portrayal of XP is unfair. His portrayal of Microsoft is inaccurate. Sure, we've written some mediocre software in the past, but XP is not in that category. It's our best and most reliable OS to date. Of course it's not perfect, but it's light years ahead of 95/98...

    At Microsoft, there are many of us who freely voice our concern when we spot a bad idea. This is not a ship full of Yes men and women. We fight for what we believe in and we fight hard. Sometimes bad decisions slip through the cracks because at the time they didn't really seem like bad decisions.

    This article is sensationalistic at best. As somebody who puts my heart and soul into what I do (including countless hours working on stuff that shipped in XP), I just have two words for the author and they are not "Happy Birthday".