I began using Microsoft products 23 years ago, at age 11, and I worked for Microsoft from 1991 to 1999 as a technology manager. For many years, I was a Microsoft loyalist. While aware of Microsoft’s shortcomings, I always believed that the Soft did its best to improve products over time, as it did with Windows XP. But recently, I’ve had a crisis of faith. Perhaps I’ve rebooted Windows one too many times.

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Laughable parts:

"Andrews hasn’t upgraded his PC from Windows 98 or Office 2000. “I’d just as soon have a stable operating system—my time is more important.”

"download OpenOffice from www.openoffice.org and give it a try. There’s no e-mail program, and it definitely lacks the sophisticated features of Office 2003, but it’s free."  
( checkout the boxes haha )

OK - so he bought a mac - wippeedoo.. but he does raise some interesting points in the article - especially in regards to Google / Linux - and the "Hip" factor