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    The article did have a few good points, but did seem slanted at other times.  It's funny, too, because I have 98SE on one PC at home and XP Home on another.  I don't think I have had XP crash once yet over the past few months, while the PC running 98SE has seized up countless times.  Granted, there are hardware differences between the two PC's, but I also use XP at work with many things running at once and it rarely crashes.  Unfortunately, the article reminded me of a comment in the book "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" about how Windows 2000 was either going to a) not ship, b) be a failure, or c) cause the company to pretty much implode.  When authors go out on a limb like that and try to predict a few years out how a software company's product will perform, it's pretty easy for them to miss the mark.  It did not help his credibility, either, when he made it sound like he had not even used XP yet.  One word seems apt: "disgruntled".