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When do we get a vid with Bill Gates?

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    Or do I not know how large a request that is?


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    It would be nice! What questions would we want answering though?

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    has MS and the computing industry evolved the way you thought it would, and since, wanted it to?  any regrets?  do you hack at the source code when you used to get BSOD's if you ever did?

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    For now, go ahead and keep posting questions you'd like to ask him. At some point, we will probably interview him, but I can't say for sure. As you can imagine, he's a tad busy and probably has his calendar booked for year or so...


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    Does he use his own personalised version of Windows?

    What's his favourite software - what does he use the most?

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    Shining Arcanine

    What are his thoughts regarding open source?

    What does he think computers will be like 20 years from now?

    When does he plan to retire?

    Will I see his Son/Daughter taking over his job/continuing his work in the future?

    Why did he found Microsoft?

    What is his email address? I've tried contacting as I read an article written by someone who emailed that address in 1993; the email I sent in a few years ago to it bounced.

    What has he donated money to in the past?

    What does he currently donate money to today?

    What does he plan to donate money to in the future?

    What does he do as Chairman?

    What does he do as Chief Software Architect?

    I recall seeing him state that he was planning to go back to Harvard and finally get his degree in January 2003 (in a video of I forgot what convention on Microsoft's website), when will he do that?

    What are his thoughts regarding the future of the world wide web?

    Does he know about the this:,39020375,39156669,00.htm

    Has he ever considered using Bayesian Filtering + Technology similar to Spamnet's technology that fingerprints spam emails and records them in a public database in order to eliminate the spam problem?

    Will he be in another Channel9 video sometime in the next few weeks/months in order to answer questions in response to his answers?

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    email i think is

    my question would be:

    Do you still get alot of speeding tickets - drive very fast - or have you mellowed on the gas peddle these days

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    I would like to see Bill showing a bunch of kids (who don’t know who he is) how do use a computer.

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    could be intresting him in africa bringing PC's to kids and giving a crash course on XP.

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    This reminds me of the first developer days. I think it was back in '91 or '92, I forget.

    But anyway, one of the themes was "Finding Bill Gates." During the program, between demos and interviews, the group manager for Developer Division/UE would ride around in a small red sports car. I think it was an MG. He would ride around the Redmond campus and a few places around redmond and Bellevue I think. He was acting like a reporter, looking for the 'ellusive' Bill Gates and chatting about the campus. There was a video camera mounted in the passanger seat so we saw him in real time.

    This was all done live, even the roving group manager and beamed to over 50+ theatres around the US and other countries.

    He never did find him, BillG, during the show...

    (I think MS is too serious now; they should put it more 'fun' or 'silly' items in their presentations again.)

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    Jeremy W

    There are always some great funny internal vids for these things Smiley

    As fara s charity work, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a website which details all the gifts. Quite substantial as well Smiley

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