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How does everyone schedule and be the most productive during the day?

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    From the Hitchhicker's video Lenn started asking Eric about what practices he does to be productive during his busy day.  I was wondering what people around Microsoft and elsewhere use to schedule and keep on top of their schedules and busy timelines.  Now I know that most people use Outlook but I am looking for practices.  Where I work at now we use a method called Mission Control (sorry not trying to do product placement only giving an example).  It seems to work well.  I know there are many others like Frankin-Covey also.

    So do most of us use a thidparty method and practice or just a homegrown practice?

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    Personally I use Outlook as the base and then my phone as a secondary tool. It can store important meeting reminders as well as locations.

    ~ Knute

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    You mean I'm supposed to get things done during the day? That might explain why I'm uploading videos at 1:30 a.m.


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    Those software are useless.

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