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Hey scoble, kick Andy Kipman and get the msbuild team blogging again

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    October 2004?

    Shameful! Shameful! Smiley

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    Sounds like you're prepping for October 2005 Wink

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    Hee hee. Oddly, Scoble didn't forward this to me, but it did wind it's way around...

    Yeah, we've been pretty slow on blog updates lately. We have been making edits to the Wiki though, including updates to the samples and such so they work properly with Beta 2.

    Do expect more blogging activity from us as we emerge from our shell of getting MSBuild ready to ship and start planning our next release. There are a ton of interesting things in the works.

    Neil Enns
    Lead Program Manager
    Visual Studio Code Essentials
    (a.k.a. "The New Kipman")

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