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    Poke fun, it's ok.  I am TheSchwartz, words will never hurt me.  Smiley

    Seriously, a guid generator ships with SharpTools - look for the {a} toolbar button.  You click it, then click the Go button, and SharpTools pastes a generated guid into the IDE at the current selection point.  Since that is one too many clicks, if you download SharpTools and want to modify the source for that plugin, I'll be glad to send it to you. 

    And anyway, a better way to do it is write a custom plugin which either a) replaces all instances of 'GUIDgoesHERE' in a script file with a GUID or b) completely automates the generation of each line of script in your file, including but not limited to the GUID.  We'll help you get started with those too, if you want to take the time to learn SharpTools. It's worth it.