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View Thread: Rename The "longhorn" & 'vista'
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    leighsword wrote:
    peterwillcn wrote: Sounds like Visa? ahaha

    Visa, sounds better, there is a story.

    "Companies such as Sony followed a completely different approach. Created to focus on consumer electronics, the company known as Sony today was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka as the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation in 1946. The core business of the company was making tape recorders, which were miniaturized with the advent of solid-state transistors. As soon as the company's products began reaching the European and American markets, the founding team decided to change its name to make it easier to remember by non-Japanese customers.

    The company was thus renamed Sony (from the Latin word "sonus," which means sound) in an effort to make its brand easily recognizable. Sony quickly became one of the leading vendors in the consumer electronics arena, especially in the audio and visual areas. Brands like Walkman, Trinitron, and many others are a testament to the impressive product line it assembled. But Sony stood away from the gaming business until the late 1980s when work on the first Sony PlayStation began. The rest is history. Today Sony builds consoles and creates games in many studios worldwide. The PlayStation gaming platform is central to its overall business strategy, which has been successfully expanded outside the consumer electronics division."



    (Old 80's movie reference).