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View Thread: Virtual Earth Available! But does it sensor?
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    Based on those images eddwo posted, Google seems to have done a better job with their hybrid view.

    Also, here are some Firefox bugs I found last night:

    - No transparency on the top blue banner. I know this is possible to do in Firefox, especially considering they have the transparency working for the Scratchpad, Welcome message, etc.

    - Zoom slider often doesn't work properly. Try zooming in to the closest level. Then take the slider and attempt to slide all the way to the left. Your cursor has to stay over the gradient portion; otherwise the slider will get stuck. This behavior doesn't occur in IE.

    - Scroll wheel issue when zooming out. I can zoom in just fine with my scroll wheel in Firefox, but when I zoom out with the wheel the map also pans south and eventually gets stuck.

    It'd be nice if these issues could be corrected. Google Maps works exactly the same in both IE and Firefox, so I expect the same in Virtual Earth.