I think it was back in '91 or '92, I forget.

But anyway, one of the themes was "Finding Bill Gates." During the program, between demos and interviews, the group manager for Developer Division/UE would ride around in a small red sports car. I think it was an MG. He would ride around the Redmond campus and a few places around redmond and Bellevue I think. He was acting like a reporter, looking for the 'ellusive' Bill Gates and chatting about the campus. There was a video camera mounted in the passanger seat so we saw him in real time.

This was all done live, even the roving group manager and beamed to over 50+ theatres around the US and other countries.

He never did find him, BillG, during the show...

(I think MS is too serious now; they should put it more 'fun' or 'silly' items in their presentations again.)