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Issues about XP SP2

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    I was testing and reading about SP2, and I got a couple questions...

    The first one, where is the download manager for Internet Explorer? Or does it is just for LH? I remember to saw this before (in picture, no tested yet)... Why MS don't include this in SP2?

    Another one is about Microsoft Update...
    I was wondering...
    MS has made a central place for their product updates, such as SQL Server, Exchange, Office, etc...
    Why does MS doesn't extend it's concept of updates, to third party?

    Let me explain... It's something like to be possible to me, to publish updates of my own software under Microsoft Update... MS provide a mechanism to me to identify if I installed the user have my sofware installed, and then I publish from my server the updates, that the user see and get via the Microsoft Update... But, MS Update actually could be just a "bridge" between me, the Developer, and my client using my software...

    If this can't be done to Windows XP actually, it could be a good idea to Longhorn! What you think?


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    download manager is for longhorn cause MS are mean and have introduced far too many features that another one wouldn't make it worth the upgrade to longhorn, so something like that.

    As for your idea,  tbh while i kinda like it, i don't think it'll happen.  A better way would be for MS to determine hardware and display latest WHQL (and not WHQL) drivers from your hardware manu, so i havea  creative nvidia card, WU can give me the latets detonators for it.

    Applications are already supported i believe in version setting, MSI or something allows you to keep track of version numbers and releases patches for it.  I know DC++ can tell what version you're running and say theres something out on their sourceforge page thats newer, and SmartFTP has an auto update client built in allowing you to download the latest version inside the app.

    i don't really like your idea, i don't like the idea of WU being clogged with updates from 3rd party developers.

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    Abou DM, I don't think that such minor features will push new users into LH, MS have a lot of things reserved to LH... In the past, for example... When new versions of IE were released, they become available for past versions...

    Much like media player actually... But it better integrate with WinXP...
    With XP2, Ms is including a bunch of features that could be hold to LH, so this minor one, Download Manager, could also be a great upgrade!

    About Ms Update, my idea was something like "Unified Update"... It couldn't be in the MS Update site, but it could be a API where we developers can use as standardized way to update clients...

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    they wouldn't go for that idea, unsigned code that they have no idea whats in,  a better way is for you to just build an auto update function in your program.

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    Not even all Microsoft applications are included on Windows Update. Office update is separate from Windows Update. It's hard enough to get users to install the critical updates. Cluttering it with third party updates would just make it worse.


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    lars the plan is for windows update to cater ofr everything Microsoft which has been a long time coming, basically OU shall be part of WU, as will the SU systems like SQL and Exchange and the dev systems like VS.Net

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    re "issues"

    ive got a new one ( know! i do Wink

    k - very simple bug?

    this is a page of NOTHING but jpgs and times new roman text

    WHY is SP2 making me "agree" to show it - what "HARMFUL" content is on this page? (locally)

    i viewed source..  i even removed everything in the <head> section - just to check..

    the whole page has nothing but <img src and font tags>

    is it because there are ALOT of jpgs? ( modem users be warned)

    and if it is... WTF?
    ..i stand by ALL my other posts.. SP2 makes life HELL for devs - ESPECIALLY designers/ interface level

    * remember post about JPG auto display in Outlook?  whats up with this new assault on JPGs / graphics!?

    ps - its LOCAL - no http url!

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    Sorry to burst your bubble Jamie but the page above comes up just fine on my computer, as did your other site you were complaining about not working with Kiosk mode.  When I pressed F11 on my computer my IE entered Kiosk mode just fine with just a small status bar at the bottom of the screen but no buttons on the top of the screen at all.


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    and - yes f-11 - now with status bar even if you have it off - and it doesnt even do anything - why is it there?

    ( thats another post - kiosk mode bla bla)

    but ill agree to "cheers" Smiley

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