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    buggy123 wrote:
    sakisp wrote:

    BTW what is the key for refresh all tabs?

    Yeah, I can't find it anywhere, including the help documentation inside of IE7 RTM.

    What sort of monkey f***ers decided to add "Refresh All" to the righ-click context menu on the tabs, and Quick tabs, and yet, don't offer it as a keyboard shortcut?!!

    Terribly inefficient...if you're programming against several web pages for example. It almost makes one think the IE7 developers are mouse junkies.

    The problem with keyboard shortcuts is that they last forever once established and there's a limited number of possibilities. Changing an established shortcut on a program that's widely used as IE can be very difficult. So we have to be careful about what gets a shortcut and which key it gets, cowboying global accelerators is discouraged.

    That said, I don't think we have a key for Refresh All tabs. It should probably be something like Ctrl+Shift+F5. I'll bring this up next time we discuss kb shortcuts.