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    I'm really happy with IE7 tabby user interface. It's not as intuitive as I was expected but it's a good start. The problem with all IE versions, including IE7b1 is that it lacks some helpfull features like the following...

    • A Find Next (F3) searching function. I always wondering why MS left this out, it's a must. (BTW I woudn't mind if they implement something like "Find And Highlight All" Smiley )
    • Option to "Always open IE windows maximized". I'm sure most know exactly what I mean Smiley
    • Favorites submenu in IE context menu. It could be also located in IE7 tab context menu too.
    • View source should save page as a temp file with an extension. Currently it only saves page without an extension thus making very difficult to highlight html code in a third party editor.
    • More keyboard shortcuts for IE functions.
    • A cookies manager. "Delete Browsing History" is a nice feature but deleting all cookies isn't the best practice.
    • IE7 specific: CTRL-TAB currently cycles opened tabs. I think that an Opera-like switching between current and previous tab is much more preferable.
    • IE7 specific: An option to open all URLs in the same IE instance (a new tab maybe) instead opening a new window.

    Almost all the above features are very easy to be implemented and already exist in any descent browser. Any hope to see some of them in 7.0 final?