re;  "Well, to me it seems as if you are in LOVE with Microsoft lol," steve411

there are many people here who are in "love" with microsoft

Sathyaish, i admire your resolve

MS is a great great company
to work for a company that literally powers/empowers every other company in the world must be a life encompasing goal...if its not - its not worth doing

so to MS - hire him!


then there are others who would never be so bold as to ask as you did - who have read every book every article..

MIcrosoft: "The Beatles of Software" S Balmer

i think they should hire all of us posters at C9 - although if only 2 of us could go on the "ship" (haha) id have to vote manip and SA as i think theyd cause the most havoc!  ( hmm forgot about loadsgood Wink