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I am fragile

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    >or, try to go to the redmond campus, and Ah! If I could afford that!

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    Nope, I didn't mean that either. What I did mean was that the people there are really cool. They are real _people_ and that they know how to look through the superficial and spot talent. And then they know how to nurture talent. And they're the best of breed managers working there. Look at Chris Sells, he's such a wonderful guy. You lighten up the moment you look at him. Read his write-ups and columns and you doubly lighten up. Look at Joel! I won't say more. You're gonna get addicted. The list is long, and you get the point.

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    re;  "Well, to me it seems as if you are in LOVE with Microsoft lol," steve411

    there are many people here who are in "love" with microsoft

    Sathyaish, i admire your resolve

    MS is a great great company
    to work for a company that literally powers/empowers every other company in the world must be a life encompasing goal...if its not - its not worth doing

    so to MS - hire him!


    then there are others who would never be so bold as to ask as you did - who have read every book every article..

    MIcrosoft: "The Beatles of Software" S Balmer

    i think they should hire all of us posters at C9 - although if only 2 of us could go on the "ship" (haha) id have to vote manip and SA as i think theyd cause the most havoc!  ( hmm forgot about loadsgood Wink

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    Ok, Jamie, I get the point..

    I love Microsoft as well, but, i do not go around acting all fired up and hyper when I hear about it, nor do I get fired up when i hear about the people who work there. Yes, it is a great company, but it is just like any other.

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy wrote:
    And lemme guess, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with...the first step?" PS: How do you format your messages here?

    My most formidable formatting tool is the Enter Key.  So long as I don't try to out-smart the Ch9 post editing window it seems to work okay.

    See? Smiley

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