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    >You don't know what WinFS really is, do you?
     WinFS is used to organise some sort of library about your documents and media like: pictures, songs, movies, word, excel, powerpoint documents, tasks, calendar, mailmessages and people. For example: you place 2 items in your calendar: 1-6 july vacation. After this vacation you connect your digital camera and download some pictures of that vacation. WinFS will automatically notice that those pictures were made during your vacation and give them a title like 'Holiday 2004".
    Did I mention something about about the search-function? Not once.

    But, will all of this work with the GBs of pictures and music I already have that I added to my computer prior to installing Longhorn?  In other words, Will LH with WinFS be able to sufficiently catalogue my existing data without me having to open each file and give it some contextual meta data?