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Backwards compatibility

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    Joe Average

    Is there anything on the web that explains how to develop an app with backwards compatibility in mind?

    I'm trying to start developing web applications. I already found I need to learn PHP and a lot of documentation on that.

    Something I didn't find is how to develop an app with backwards compatibility in mind. I tried to google for that, but I only found info on apps that already are backwards compatible with previous versions, not on how to accomplish this Smiley


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    You can't make an application backwards compatible if you don't have a previous one, but here are some tips:

    • Stick to the general programming language rules/standards,
    • Use easy and understandable names for classes, functions, etc,
    • Document your code,
    • Separate your database functions from your website functions, and separate the HTML from your code as much as possible (work object oriĆ«nted).

    That's it.

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