Adam Bosworth - YES
The infamous skunkworks project that yeilded XML channels and on to .net

another cool part ( mostly forgotten) was the original "integrated IE" beta.. i forget now what it was called.. but it was before ver 4 - maybe it was a plus pack.. damb i cant remember the beta name

** Nashville!    ( from bink site)

Originated as Windows 96. "True Web Integration" technology. Web based shell for Windows. Designed as a new version of Windows but finally available as Internet Explorer 4 "Desktop Update" for Windows 95 and NT and integrated in next versions. (NOT IE4 itself!)

also - yes! to chris jones.  * i only spoke with him on a few emails as ben went off to java..

Those days were indeed magical
you guys could use a few more of them
channel 9 is a great step in that direction

thanks to the powers that be over there (y) <- that's your thumbs up sign icon ( go johnathan go! Wink