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View Thread: So Vista users, have you found a compelling reason to upgrade?
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    >> "omg, why do you name everyone a slashdot user if they are against Microsoft" It's the easy way out, something that every Microsoft developer should be familiar with. Hyuck. Seriously, though, I just love watching the sissies squirm when they get called out. It's not my fault that Beta 1 (GPU'd GUI and Virtual Folders. Hmmm, they seem oddly familiar) is trash and that the company you work for has a storied history of empty promises caulked in with marketing hype. Also, who was responsible for the Beta 1 theme? You should have that dude publically flogged. I know blind 13 year olds on DeviantArt who whip up better themes. Speaking of themes, are you going to force us to hack the uxtheme.dll again to use non-Plus! themes or are you going to continue whoring out that piece of (I need to watch my fscking language) software again in Vista. Plus!? More like Minus. >> "How many end users understand security?" Every OSX user. Turn it on, type a password and that's it. If you don't do anything that touches the core components, you're never prompted for a password ever again. Do anything that requires special permissions, and you need an admin-level password. Root accounts are disabled by default. You know, I always thought Microsoft was dumb as wood for eschewing a Unix-like permissions systems for the discombobulated mess they have now.