hey jeremy W Smiley  im glad your happy with your current solution  

another way to describe the TECHNICAL aspect of this is - again - there is this thing called debian - or slackware - or whatever.. it sits there - its free - if you know how it works it boots - it runs apache.. it serves stuff - all free.  no activation. no cals. no extra time. 

Myself? Im just learning hosting etc.. i bought 2003 and xp ( twice ) - i think personally ive bought windows... 15 times..by machine.. thats just me.
( include old company ive bought windows 200+ times)

so in reality - ive paid MS over and over - while OSS wants to GIVE me stuff (like ms in old days)

all im saying is there is an alternative now

- that doesnt make you monitor how many you are running - and its free ( this time, as in beer)

This post is dedicated to Speech side though.. - eula / cals / activation doesnt exist in the competitions offering

i ask - why cant you copy want they DONT do