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SyncToy and .NET

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    Do you know about the utility from MS called SyncToy?

    And guess what? It's managed! It's compiled against .NET FW 1.1.

    First swallow...

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    Well, I downloaded it at work and the concept seems cool, but I didn't get much chance to play with it.

    I'm at home now and the windows validation tool doesn't seem to work tonight Sad

    Edit: nevermind, seems the tool was just taking a long, long time to download.

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    If you think that is cool you should check out the real deal ...

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    I use another sync utility, but its nice to see MS using the .NET Framework for development.  Now lets hope they start using it more.

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    I tried it, and the moment it started I could guess that it was a .NET app because of the way the window was drawn.

    Fortunately .NET 2.0 is much faster. After playing around with VS2k5 and WinForms, I'm impressed by the improvements. I'd say that with 2.0 we've (finally!) reached the point where most .NET apps "feel" like a "real" Win32 app, not an old  Java app.

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    I was disappointed with it. The only thing you can do is set up pairs of folders to synchronise. You have to manualy use Task Scheduler if you want it to do it regularly, and I thought it would be one of those programs that sit in the background and automatically back up any file in a folder whenever it is modified.

    Sure it looks nice, and the different sync modes are quite well explained, but it doesn't actually do very much.

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    IF you want Auto Syncing, checkout my review of Allway Sync at:


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