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Ballmer doesn't talk on C9!

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    Hello to my favourite of people, developers! I am now ready for any questions that you might have, anything, like whats it like being the CEO of the worlds largest company in the world. For your chance to chat to S. Ballmer then all you have to do is post your question below.

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    Can someone confirm if this is really from Steve Ballmer.  It seems like a hoax to me.

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    yup, gotta be a hoax.

    MS people have a Windows (flag) icon under their profile picture. As far as I know this is not possible to fake.

    Sorry steve, I don't believe its you.


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    worlds largest company in the world


    You don't get to be in his position with such sloppiness.

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    Jeremy W

    I'll wait for the MS tag. It also doesn't sound like Steve from the emails I've exchanged with him (who knows, maybe his forum writing style is different?).

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    "For your chance to chat to S. Ballmer then all you have to do is post your question below." < Third Person?
    The first half is in first person..

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    It's not even a hoax. It's a joke. Looks like he's back from Bali.


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    Unless Steve has been taking finishing lessons, I suspect he wouldn's use the British English spelling for 'favourite' either.

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    Let me confirm this for you ...

    This is not Steve. 

    One day when I do get Steve on Channel 9, you will know it is him. 

    In the meantime .... ha ha ...

    Just like Steve Job's blog

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    Damn you all for not taking my joke as what it should be a 'joke', I did cover my butt while doing this like calling my "Character" Ballmer and S. Ballmer.
    I have just come back from Bali so I thought I would bring some fun from the real world into the IT world (because the IT world seems to be lacking some 'fun' these days)

    I would also like to officially say that I am NOT Steve Ballmer, sorry to all the folks out there who fell for the prank plus sorry to Microsoft. People are just to serious these days...

    Lenn can you tell me the web link to Steve Job's blog?

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