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    I ordered a new iMac, at work I got my resigning bonus and decided to be a good geek and blow it on technology.  I bought a Rio Carbon and I got my wife a new flat panel monitor for her G4.  The iMac arrived today and I opened the box when I got home, pulled it all out, went to hook up the keyboard and noticed this keyboard looked funcky, the buttons were not right.  Its a french layout keyboard.  I called Apple and they told me that the state of North Carolina is in France.  Im like huh?  I told the lady look at MSN Earth and tell me where oh where it says North Carolina is in France.  So finally, we got it straight, at least I thought, and she was going to ship me out a new keyboard and I could keep this one because of the inconvenience.  Verified my shipping address and she gave me an amount that I had to pay.  I asked how come I have to pay for shipping her response.

    'We have to pay international shipping rates sir"


    I talked to her supervisor and hopefully got the shitr straight.