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WinFS new technology ?

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    in the preview of the WinFS filesystem I´ve seen that the WinFS is "only" a DBMS system ontop of the NTFS filesystem.
    Is there no new technology ? Because the NTFS filesystem has some missing features like transaction, journaling, ...

    Is it only a new thing ontop of bad technology ? Or is it a new NTFS version ? 

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    The latest Dot Net Show is two solid hours all about WinFS. From what I understand, it does let you make changes to the file system that are not actually committed until you want them to be. (i.e. transactions) And NTFS already has journalling whether you notice it or not.

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    NTFS wil be recycled ? Great job Microsoft. Perhaps M$ can take a look at the "ext3" FS coming from Linux -> that is NEW TECHNOLOGY -> and no BIG SHOW about NOTHING.

    I rue to be a programmer for the wrong platform (Win).

    I hope M$ will release better software in future.

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    There is nothing new under the sun. The thoughts I thought are not the thoughts I thought but the thoughts of others, thought before me.

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    eagle wrote:

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    This quote attributed to Microsoft was in the New York Post, 4/14/04 pg34 under a photo of Billy G;

    Company blogs aim for newspaper end run

    BusinessWeek ran a story about changes in the next version of Windows, dubbed Longhorn, Channel 9 responded by saying
     "there is nothing new under the sun" and said that the product is an "ambitious and exciting process".

    Never believe anything you read in a Newspaper!

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