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Channel 9's Jeff Sandquist on the .NET Show

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    Our pal Robert Hess, who was recently interviewed here on Channel 9, is the godfather of video communication with developers here at Microsoft going back to the days of Worldwide Live and his latest effort the .NET Show.  Robert and Erica Weichers put on one heck of a quality show each month featuring in-depth interviews with Microsoft folks across the company.

    This month's .NET Show features Channel 9 Team Member Jeff Sandquist in the "Someone @ Microsoft" segment which features 1-1 interviews with Microsoft folks around the company.  Jeff talks about the early days of planning and creating Channel 9, the team's experience since we launched it, and his 6 year career at Microsoft.  

    Come see the camera turned on Jeff here.

    Oh ... and they discuss cool stuff about Longhorn's fundamentals pillar for the rest of it if you are interested in that stuff too ...

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    Wow this is a great video!!! Really interesting subject and a great interview with Jeff.
    What if the .NETShow became a part of channel9, a merger I mean?

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