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    I have had a Toshiba Protege M200 since January and love it.  Its perfect for the student.

    Some tips that I've come up with:

    -Use OneNote to record lectures.  It links your notes to the lecture.  i.e. if at 15:20 into the lecture the instructor is talking about Dijkstra's Algorithm, I write "Dijkstra" and when I put the stylus over the word i can click play to hear the lecture at that point.

    -If you have a scanner, scan your books!  Its not as hard as it sounds, see my blog for details.  Once it's scanned you can read/search/annotate it all on your tablet without ever having to carry books around.

    -Get a convertable if you can, I do lots of programming so having a keyboard attached is a must.

    The M200 is very durable too.  Mine fell out of my bag when I was walking from class and landed corner-first on concrete.  There is a small scratch on the paint but other than that you'd never know it happened.  Not that it will ever again. (ALWAYS make sure your bag is properly zipped! Smiley )