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    >>Check out The Student Tablet PC blog. Tracy Hooten, one of the two students who runs the blog, recently posted a comparison on how to do this with both Acrobat and Microsoft Office Document Imaging (included with Office like a lot of cool utilities most people never seem to discover).

    Actually thats where I found out about book scanning.  I heard about the Student Tablet PC blog from your podcast!  I went with Microsoft Office Document Imaging because I don't like using pdf files (they always seem so slow and have bad ink support).  Like I wrote before, basic details can be found at my blog but check out the Student Tablet PC Blog for detailed explainations. 

    Just for a quick reference, my first book was 300 pages and took about 2 hours and was 16megs when finished.

    XiXoria:  It fell out of my bag so there was nothing protecting it.  It landed in the upper left corner so I was worried about the LCD being shattered but it was fine.  Like I said, it only had a small scratch on the paint on the corner.  I'd say it was about a 4 foot drop on to cement.  Maybe I'm just lucky but I'd say thats pretty durable.