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    Moblog 2

    For Coffee House Users
    *The most POPULAR C9 forum!

    Here is my POP display for computer stores for the launch of Win95


    Here is my collection of MS books  ( told you Wink 


    Here is some other tech / new books i have
    * I recommend Innovators Dilemma - and The Human Interface by Jeff Raskin



    Here is the jacket I got off Ben Watson - MS Canada - while working on BCentral


    Here is the shirt I got at IE4 launch party Toronto
    ( did the active channel for Internet Direct/ TUCOWS )


    I tried to convince the wife that this is a good design for our new digital fireplace tv
    *she nixed the idea Wink

    The End Smiley


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    A very good initiative! And some great pictures!


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    what.. the TV fireplace?  lol

    ..kidding - this was based off your post the other day saying the moblog is a no blog

    anyone with MS related stuff - snap it and post it here

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    wait a sec... Toronto?  Internet Direct?  I used to work for Bill Campbell!

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    i just finished a wack of web templates for Hostopia/Rogers ( colin campbell)
    Bill's a great guy - he started Computerlink - which became iDirect
    I did everything for them after the first "Motherboard" desgin website
    The Baby - they bought tucows.. i did the cows.. yes - im to blame!


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    Holy cow. Err... I mean... wow. 


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    Hey its the moblog! Wink

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    I've read one book I don't see on your shelf: Renegades of the Empire: How Three Software Warriors Started a Revolution Behind the Walls of Fortress Microsoft.

    It has some very entertaining moments. The story where Alex St. John took his hummer offroad on the MS campus and nearly drowned visiting Japanese executives is a scream. Perhaps somone here could comment on how authentic the stories in the book are.

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