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View Thread: Why all the VB.NET Goodies?
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    KHowe wrote:

    Not to start something...but
    at teched (I forget which Speaker) said that they were told to put all examples in VB.NET.

    Can anyone confirm that.


    I'm not with MS but I can confirm it.  If you watch any of the MSDN Web casts (not the shows but web casts) the presenters often say that the examples are in VB.Net and the C# people should be able to follow along.

    The reason is because that since the languages are sold as similar and interchangeable, all samples are to be in VB since the C# people (being higher in the coding food chain as C* people are treated) should be able to pick up on it.

    I was actually going to post this same question but as you can see I was beaten to it.

    IMO I think it is to get the VB6 people to convert to VB.Net.  The general thought is that VB.Net is a different language than VB6 so none of use really wants to convert to the .Net flavor.  It requires a major relearning of how to do the job you used to.

    Me, I'm going to C#.  If I'm going to learn something, it might as well be something new.  C# also gives me more than VB.Net will.

    Also, I'm a tad bit sick of defending myself when it comes to the C++ programmers since the world of programming caters to their egos.  Don't believe me, look at the other programming models that derive from C++: Flash, Install Shield Script, C#, VS.Net IDE, and countless others.

    But lets keep this discussion about the lack of goodies for C#.  Reply on that not my comments above.