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    "I believe in a single Basic, NOT almighty, maker of the Visual, the events, and the Sales.

    I believe in his only child Visual Basic, interpreted not compiled in the Genesis days with PCode and which then, made man on its 5.0 version, made itself compiled for the sorrow of the Delphi ones and misery of the purists.

    It was sacrificed, blamed and trampled on its versions 3 and 4, on the ages of 16 and 32 bits.

    I believe in its market endurance, in the growing hordes of developers who, like its father Gates, opted by it.

    I believe in Allan Cooper, in the Interactive Design, in the thinking of the user as a human, in Bruce McKinney and the serious perception.

    Now it has come made of light, with good news for its followers, object oriented, based on Common Classes and more, to get free of its detractors, as high is Gates who started in the Genesis with Basic and defended it on the TechEd of 2k1 and 2k2.

    I believe in it Binarily, as in the end it will be made one in the CLR, and from there to the eternity it will be seated beside his Brother C#, both inspired on their Father Visual C++, for the Frameworks of the Frameworks...

    Compile!... and debug." =)

    Ok, stand up, it is not needed to keep knelt anymore. =)


    MVP VB.Net