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Getting notice by Microsoft (intership)

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    Hey guys.

    It's getting to that part of summer where i'm really gonna have to neaten up my CV (resume) and make it look good.  Anyhow i was thinking, would it be a good idea to maybe include a "business card" cd (you know the type, stores like 200 megs and the size of a business card) and stick maybe a program i wrote on there (i want to specalise in programming (doesn't everyone)).  or really would i be wasting my time?  somehow i think i would but if anyone has any other suggestions on how to stand out from the other students wanting to work at MS, please put them forward.

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    In my experience code samples are a waste of time for the following reasons.

    1. They might think you just copied the code from someone elses site and changed a few things to make it your own.

    2. This could be code that you coded, but in reality it belongs to a company that you worked for and therefore is a legal no no.

    This is from several recruiters who are friends of mine as well as from some hiring managers. I used to think it was a good idea until I found out this info.


    ~ Knute

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    well to be honest the reasons i thought it'd be a waste of time cause number of applicants all submitting a cd of programs = long time having to view all cds to make it fair.  of course this might be a stage 2 after they have narrowed down CV's they want to look at (this would mean not submitting a cd till stage 2). 

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    Well continually sending them resumes hasn't worked for me. Sending a CD CV doesn't sound like a good option for the reasons listed by everyone here

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    Start blogging

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    I would suggest you go out and start coding. Release an OSS project that is something you would want to do at Microsoft and make it sucessful. After they and other companies see that you can work hard and do the work then your a shoe-in for a position.

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