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Microsoft and DRM

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    I'm not normally one to repost news, but this is worth checking out.  It's a talk given to Microsoft Research, by Cory Doctorow of the EFF, explaining why DRM is bad.

    Personally, I think he's right on the money.  But please, read it and think about it.  Come to your own conclusions, and discuss.  And encourage others to do the same.

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    Microsoft is not a content provider. Go tell it to the movie & music companies.

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    When Microsoft opens its online music store, it will be a content provider. 

    At one point, Sony wasn't a content provider either-- they made recording devices.  At various points, Sony (has a maker of playback devices) has and has not listened to customers, and benefitted / suffered for it.

    The media companies will always want DRM, as it boosts their revenue.  However, DRM is not always good for the "playback" companies, and they will catch the flack for it.  I think that if Microsoft wants to avoid trouble with their customers, they would do well to avoid DRM.  Best case scenario, they pour lots of money into it and get nowhere.  Worst case scenario, they pour lots of money into it and loose customers.

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    I like that article alot. Thx for linking to it. I think he's right. DRM is a lost cause. It basicly inconveniences paying customers without stopping piracy.
    I don't buy CDs anymore because I'm fed up with all the lame attempts at peddling "copy controlled" (read: non standard) CDs. My solution is simple: I keep my money and listen to the CDs I already have. I put up with it being expensive (A full price CD in Sweden is about $25. And still I bought alot of CDs!). But I will not put up with it not working in the CD player of my choice!


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