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    irascian wrote:
    z33driver wrote: So I put myself on the waitlist.  Just out of curiosity, how is the "sold out" status determined?  Is it based on the capacity of the venue, block of hotel rooms selling out, etc.?

    It won't be based on hotel rooms selling out - I know people who have happily bought tickets before the sold out date struggling to find a hotel anywhere remotely near by. Common sense says it will be a number that has been agreed with the venue in terms of fire limitation once the number of freeloaders/organisers etc have been subtracted.

    Capacity planning for PDC is a bit of black magic.  In my role as PDC content owner, I spent a good long while trying to figure out the maximum number of attendees we could comfortably accomodate.  As I noted in that blog post, the number really doesn't have anything to do with overall conference center capacity, it's all about figuring out how to make sure everyone can go to the sessions they care about.

    Once that attendee number is set, it kicks off this whole other process of allocating/reserving blocks of hotel rooms.  You can imagine how hotels feel about us allocating too large a block of rooms and then leaving them empty at the last minute, so hotel rooms are usually pretty tight.  That having been said, if you are a registered attendee, see and click on the Hotel link to get the registration desk phone number.  Give them a call and they will try to help find you a room.