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    when i click the Replyinink button  in the topic.
    there is a exception there
    the ie would be closed
    i don't know why

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    You need a TabletPC. You can also use it on a regular PC, but then you need to install some TabletPC SDK.

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    oh i see it's really digetal ink.i thought i could draw with the mouse(i almost write mouse as mause)i am new in english:))

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    I think you can draw with the mouse, if you have the SDK installed.

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    To quote Charles, an admin of C9:

    Charles wrote:

    As long as you:

    1.) are running IE 6

    2.) have .NET Framework 1.1 installed

    3.) have the Tablet PC 1.7 SDK installed (not strictly true, but a good guarantee!)

    You can ink away!

    I am sorry FF users. Only IE 6 supports embedded Windows Forms at this point.


    If you have any problems you can read through the Ink thread if you don't find the solution to your problems then post a reply on that thread or email an admin and I'm sure they will help you Smiley


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    Although it doesn't look to good with a mouse see?

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